Power outages might happen due to grid maintenance, electricity overload, or during strong storms. If you have an automatic garage door opener, power outages can sometimes affect (and even damage) components connected to the system. If you don’t know what to do, you may be stuck with an opened or closed garage door during an outage. Here’s what to know about power outages and garage door openers and what you can do to navigate the problem until power is restored.

Do Power Outages Affect Garage Door Openers?

The short answer is yes, although there are several reasons why garage door openers won’t work during a power outage. When the power goes off, so does the internal battery for the opener – leading to a non-functional garage door.


It seems impractical, but this is done for the safety of what’s behind the door. Without this interruption during a power outage, someone could simply open up your garage and break into your home or steal your belongings.

Switching to Manual Operation of a Garage Door

Most motorized garage doors have a separate manual setting that exists as an override and allows you to lift the door manually. This feature exists in case of a malfunction or a power outage and allows homeowners to access their garage from the outside or the inside.

To enable this feature you must pull the emergency release cord and manually open the garage door.

Switching Back from Manual Operation

It’s important to remember that your garage door should never stay on the manual setting. Once you’re sure the power outage is over, it is important that you switch the garage door back to the automatic setting.

In most cases, all you have to do is flick the same switch or pull the same rope and the motor should engage again. If this doesn’t work, proceed using the steps below.

Resetting a Garage Door Remote

If the power is on and your garage door opener suddenly won’t work, then it’s time to reset the remote. This can require recalibration of both the motor and the remote connected to it. Usually, there’s a code on the remote that has to match the code that can be found near the motor.

If your garage door opener is not connecting after multiple tries, contact a local garage door repair professional to reconnect the opener.

Check the Battery 

If the garage door opener remote isn’t the problem, check the battery of the unit to establish that it’s still running at full capacity. If not, then your motor might not engage even after the power comes on. 

Batteries for both the unit and remote should be checked often. Never assume that a battery will be fully charged for four years straight: that’s not how they work.

Examine the Fuses and Wiring

If you haven’t managed to fix the problem by resetting the remote, and it’s not the battery, then examine the fuses and wiring of the garage door opener. Garage door opener repair professionals are best suited for this examination in most cases.


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