Garage doors are often underestimated by first-time homeowners, and might not even seem that important when you’ve lived in a home for five or ten years. Garage door openers aren’t just for convenience, though. They are also a crucial part of protecting the home against any intrusion from outsiders or criminals. In this guide, we outline a list of considerations to help you choose the right type of garage door opener for your home.

How Do I Choose the Right Type of Garage Door Opener for My House?

If you’ve just moved into a house, the garage door opener should be one of the first things that you change. Not only should garage door openers be changed for safety reasons, but they also can experience wear and tear from the constant opening and closing.

All Openers Are Not the Same!

Garage door openers aren’t all the same. Many garage door opener models found in homes in the U.S. are outdated and no longer add anything to the security or safety of the house.

Chain-drive openers and belt-drive garage door openers are two of the common types of systems you’ll find. Each of these types of garage door openers has benefits and drawbacks that you should consider.

The function of a garage door is to secure the garage, but also to ensure the door opens and door closes smoothly. Garage door openers can be dangerous when they aren’t maintained properly and also when their moving parts don’t work the way they’re supposed to.

Why Garage Door Openers Are Important

Garage door openers are just as important as the doors or walls of the home. Without the garage door opening system working in peak condition, it’s little more than a practical safety risk for the house. Many garage door systems across the United States haven’t received proper maintenance or even been checked in years.

Rain and rust can cause significant damage to metal chains and other parts. Over time, your garage door opener might just stop working. It’s possible to get locked out, locked in, or everything in your garage stolen because it was easy for a burglar to open up.

Even though it is easy for homeowners to forget about and skip garage door maintenance, it’s not something that should be neglected.

Replacing Garage Door Openers for the House

Sometimes garage door openers need replacement, especially if they haven’t been checked or maintained for a while. If you have an older type of garage door opener, replace it with a newer model – and this gives you more than just better functionality. You’ll also get a higher level of security too.

Older systems are notoriously unreliable. You don’t want them to stop working one day – but unless you replace them, then don’t be surprised when the time comes.

Chain Drive Opener

A chain drive garage door opener uses a pulley system and chain to open and shut the garage door. Older systems like this can still be reliable, however, they are being replaced more frequently with modern options like belt-driven garage doors.

Chain-driven garage door openers tend to stick, might rust, and sometimes create added noise that lets everyone know when your garage door is opening.

Belt Drive Opener

Belt-driven garage doors are newer, relying on belts and pulleys instead of just old-fashioned chains to leverage the door. A belt-driven garage door can be more reliable, though might require more maintenance than other types because the belts tend to wear out much faster.

While chain-drive garage door openers are declining in popularity, belt-driven garage door openers seem to be back in fashion.

Direct Drive Opener

Direct-drive garage door openers are the more modern option, known for being both efficient and silent at the same time. This type of garage door opener is costly for some but relies on a battery-driven system that is less likely to fail. With a direct drive opener, it is important to have a battery backup in handy in case of a power outage.

Direct-drive garage door openers can also be easier to stop. This is important for safety, especially with small kids (or pets) anywhere nearby.


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