Garage doors are an important part of a home, however, they are often one of the things that homeowners consider last when it’s time for house repairs or maintenance. An effective garage door secures the contents within it and prevents the inhabitants from being locked in (or out). A damaged garage door can cause many headaches – and potentially, an easier way to break in for scouting criminals. Instead of waiting to repair or replace your garage when something goes wrong, make garage door maintenance a priority. But what can you do to maintain your garage door(s) to ensure stay in good condition for years to come?

How Should I Maintain My Garage Door?

Here are some of the best garage door maintenance tips, and what to do if you want to replace or repair your garage door.

Check Problems Throughout the Year

If you become aware of any small issues with your garage door, fix these issues first because they almost always have the potential to become bigger problems. A squeaky closing mechanism can later become something that doesn’t open or close at all, and damaged electronics will eventually become broken electronics. Fix anything minor, before things get any worse.

Small maintenance is the best way to save your own time and money later. If you’ve just moved into the property or haven’t done anything to the garage doors for a while, now is the best time to check. Start with a full assessment, make a list, and repair the most urgent issues first.

Cleaning the Outside

Don’t underestimate the importance of cleaning the outside of your garage door, as dirt and other accumulated nastiness can later lead to rust and structural damage to the door. Cleaning outside the door guarantees a smooth finish, and ensures that the coating itself stays in good condition.

If there are any signs of rust, repaint and coat your garage doors, as this rust is likely to impede or impair its movement eventually. Rust might even make its way into the electronics of the door, which could create more problems later.

A clean garage door is much more than just a visual part of the house but has a lot to do with how well it functions.

Cleaning the Electronics

At least once every three to six months, it’s a good idea to open up the electronics part of the garage door – including any accessories like switches, remotes, and gears. Dust accumulates on the outside of the doors, but might also get into the inside of the electronics.

Imagine an old computer keyboard that hasn’t been cleaned for a while, and imagine that this represents what could be inside the electronics of your garage door. That’s not a pretty picture, and it’s not something that you’ll want to leave if it can be fixed and cleaned out.

Remove all old batteries at the same time, and replace them with new ones – or switch out the whole mechanism if your garage door system happens to be more than a decade or so old.

Cleaning Around the Door

Once you’re done with the outside of the door and its electronics, clean around the door – and make sure that there’s nothing in the way of its track or sensors. Most of what could go wrong with garage doors over time could be fixed in seconds, but costs hundreds of dollars because issues were allowed to spiral – or weren’t noticed by the owner!

Always clean around the door, paying special attention to anything that could obscure the sensors or the track.

Rollers and Other Hardware

Rollers and other hardware should be checked at least a few times per year, with cleaning and checking for cracks an important part of the process. As doors get used, wear and tear is normal – but if this wear isn’t monitored, the door might one day get stuck and be unable to move.

Check the rollers and other hardware often, and replace anything that appears damaged, worn, or cracked.

Maintain the Garage Door’s Seal

Garage doors usually have a form of seal around the sides and bottom, which stops them from scuffing against anything – and at the same time, keeps the garage and its contents waterproof and free from mildew. As a seal wears over time, it is more prone to break or crack and lose their effectiveness.

A cracked seal isn’t just a cosmetic problem, but gives mildew and mold a chance to get inside the environment. If your garage starts to develop a musty smell or mold problems, check the garage door’s seal first – and if necessary, replace the whole thing together with a good clean.


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